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To build your online dreams you do need first to understand the tols you now have. Here at 24 Tech we want you to enjoy all the resources you have in your control panel. This support site is here to help you do this.

Let your creative thoughts flow and develop into new and exciting adventures.

By exploring the support pages you will be able to develop websites for all purposes, manage domains and online facilities! Read more...

Our outgoing mail server is called:


Where 'yourdomain.com' is the domain you have set up a mailbox on.

To use it you'll also need to tell email client that the outgoing mail server requires authentication, some may ask to specify the username and password for this - just enter the same as the incoming mail server login. SMTP ports can be either 25 or 587. We recommend 587 as some Internet service providers block port 25 unless using their servers. Encryption such as SSL or TLS would need to be disabled in order to connect successfully.

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http://www.ic-e.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Ipad-Iphone-Website.jpg You can access our support system on any device so that where ever you are its there to assisting you 24/7. If you can't find the answer your looking for go to your dedicated site my24tech.net and contcat the support time. We are here to help.

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Because there are so many module positions available in so many different areas, the number of layouts you can create with this template are limitless! Learn More...

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